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Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc MB0162O

Mont Blanc MB0162O

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The Mont Blanc MB0162O is an Acetate & Metal, Havana and Gold colored Men's Frame with a Pantos shape.

Mont Blanc Eyewear

Experience the timeless sophistication of Mont Blanc MB0162O Optical Eyeglasses, meticulously crafted in the harmonious blend of Havana and Gold. Made in Italy, these eyeglasses seamlessly marry classic and contemporary elements, embodying Mont Blanc's steadfast commitment to quality and fine European craftsmanship. Mont Blanc glasses are synonymous with prestige, renown, and luxury, and these eyeglasses epitomize those qualities. The brand's name itself symbolizes their dedication to excellence and their profound appreciation for quality. In 1913, Mont Blanc adopted the iconic rounded white star emblem, representing the snow-capped peak of Mont Blanc, as its official logo. Today, this emblem stands as a timeless icon of luxury and class, much like these exquisite eyeglasses.

Mont Blanc MB0162O Optical Eyeglasses

The Mont Blanc MB0162O Optical Eyeglasses feature a Pantos-shaped frame crafted from a combination of Acetate and Metal, ensuring both durability and a touch of opulence. Whether you seek a classic, timeless look or wish to infuse a contemporary edge into your daily style, these eyeglasses are the perfect choice. Mont Blanc has consistently set the gold standard for quality eyewear, and these glasses reflect their commitment to excellence. When you choose Mont Blanc, you not only embrace classic and contemporary style but also celebrate a legacy of luxury that transcends generations


  • Lens - 48 mm
  • Bridge - 22 mm
  • Temple - 145 mm

Mont Blanc Authorized Dealer

Shop with confidence from Adair Eyewear, a Mont Blanc Authorized Dealer. We have provided the best in customer service and great designer eyewear for over 40 years.

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